Why do we only have to smile?

Let’s take a moment to imagine something. I want you to think about something that makes you smile not laugh but just smile. It could be a good meme you saw or a nice sweet family moment it could even be a romantic gesture. And in that moment of assumed smiling, Don’t smile! Don’t overthink it, just simply don’t smile. How does that feel?

Am guessing you feel excatly like I do. When you don’t smile, you feel contained, you feel like the happiness isn’t guaranteed right? So it got me thinking. Does smiling intensify happiness? But how is that even possible, it’s just mere showing of teeth. Where does the Joy of doing it come from?

I’ve always been told that a smile brightens up a day but does it? Is it some sort of achievement you feel when you do it? Does it instead increase the happiness? But if we don’t smile at something smile worthy we feel contained we feel uncontrollable but do we really or maybe it’s actually in our heads that if we don’t smile we feel abnormal, we feel tamed. But how can it even be in our heads

And then I thought, can we direct our action of smiling to something else? Let’s try our previous action again, think of something that makes you smile but instead of smiling do something like dancing. I know you can’t dance in front of someone when they do something smile worthy besides smiling is uncontrollable. But let’s just think when someone does something that makes us happy do we always have to smile, is that the only fast way to release the happiness quickly.

In a world where everything is programmed and each action is given with a responsibility, why don’t we do something unreasonably cool. Why should our actions be dictated, synthesized even watched at a point. That too can still our identity. Maybe in a different aspect of living happiness wouldn’t intensify with a smile, we would dance it off sing it off even draw it off as pretty insane as that sounds.

Yes, a smile makes happiness better but we weren’t given our other body parts to let a smile be rule the happiness no?




What they live to read, I live to write! isabellanabacwafavour@gmail.com

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bella favour

bella favour

What they live to read, I live to write! isabellanabacwafavour@gmail.com

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